#1 RE: April 29, 2019 Weekly ECM by PSP 27.04.2019 18:21

Monday, April 29, 2019 is an Internal 37.33 week cycle. Here is a post from about a year ago discussing these weekly ECM turning points: LINK

"The manner in which markets interact at critical periods with the ECM identifies the trend it will take." MA states

I am curious if this will mark a turning point in the US markets (DOW) based on not electing the important bullish reversal.

Sorry for the messing chart but here - the red bullseyes - marking some of the dates. Interesting to see reaction on the DOW during these dates

#2 RE: April 29, 2019 Weekly ECM by PSP 09.05.2019 15:50

Here is an updated chart. It looks like the ECM turning point did infact have an impact. A recent blog post stated that we will likely consolidate until the next ECM turning point in 2020. I believe this is January 2020 if my memory serves me correctly.

#3 RE: April 29, 2019 Weekly ECM by Alex 13.05.2019 20:15

from the blog

Note that things begin to change in 2020-2021. Note that prices in real terms rise, but this is lining up with the ECM turn in January 2020 and the start of a new business cycle.

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