#1 RE: Socrates user poll - Trading style by Alex 26.04.2019 19:24

I'm curious to know how many forum user have already subscribed to Socrates Basic, Plus or Pro membership and which trading style you prefer.

membership option poll is here and the question is on the top of the page

Trading Style ---------- Time Frame ----------- Holding Period
Position Trading ------- Long Term -------------- Months to Years
Swing Trading ---------- Short Term ------------- Days to Weeks
Day Trading ------------- Short Term ------------- Day Only – No Overnight Positions
Scalp Trading ----------- Very Short Term ----- Seconds to Minutes – No Overnight Positions

#2 RE: Socrates user poll - Trading style by bcho018 30.04.2019 06:44

I have tried day trading with Socrates I quickly got my ass handed back to me. Swing and position trading have been working for me.

#3 RE: Socrates user poll - Trading style by Alex 30.04.2019 07:33

hehe, yes in day trading you'll quickly find out if you've choose the right strategy.
Marty says that he's doing day trading with daily support and resistance numbers in addition to reversals. He's looking for gaps in those support and resistance numbers.
He also said he wanted to release intraday reversals with a live feed with the next version of Socrates. Maybe that will make day trading easier.

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