#1 RE: Happy 2019 by PSP 25.12.2018 18:34

Hello old friends! I hope all is well.

Here is an interview with Marty as of Oct. 13, 2018 when the DOW was trading about 4000 its higher that today's price.


All my reading it appears 21600 on the DOW seems to be an important year end close number. We apparently will make a January/Feb low an that will be the time to go long.

I would love to get this forum going again.

Chat soon,

#2 RE: Happy 2019 by PSP 27.12.2018 01:27

Marty was right on point with his Dec 26 call. He has stated a a pull back till Dec 26 and then a bounce this week 'Panic cycle week' a reversal to the upside and then we should press lower in January to make a final low before we sling shot upwards as capital flows continue to move into the US equities.

I'm very interested in purchasing the 2019 market report that will be out in January.

#3 RE: Happy 2019 by PSP 28.12.2018 04:12

Panic cycle weaken target.

#4 RE: Happy 2019 by PSP 29.12.2018 01:53

Bounced off the Bearish monthly. A close below for the month and apparently we will test the red line as a minimum.


#5 RE: Happy 2019 by PSP 31.12.2018 22:24

We should re-test the lows in January/ Feb.

#6 RE: Happy 2019 by Alex 03.01.2019 21:51

Hey PSP,

Happy new year!
good to hear from you.

I agree that the Dow seems to move lower to retest the 21600. Today it looks like it could close below the daily moving average and also below the daily trend channel.
Also the monthly bearish reversal was elected on Monday.

#7 RE: Happy 2019 by PSP 11.01.2019 22:41

Armstrong has stated that 24058, 24089, and 25100 should cap this bounce and we will test the lows by March

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