#1 RE: Mainstream Media is Dying — Facebook Recognizes Trend by Alex 06.07.2016 08:50

Mainstream Media is Dying — Facebook Recognizes Trend

Facebook explained the move is not about privileging certain sources over others, but about better “connecting people and ideas.” This move will allow online sources to be given favored status above the mainstream media, which confirms the trend is changing.

I can't fully agree with this statement MA made today.
Here in Germany mainstream media is now heavily involved with promoting news articles over Facebook. Facebook has its own algorithms for newsfeeds which it does not disclose. I seriously doubt that the avarage facebook user will be presented controversial news that friends are reading. Facebook itself has become mass media / mainstream media. I have no doubt that Facebook does , at least partially , control what will be big news and what won't. That is totally in-transparent and Facebook will have even more power over media than traditional mass-media had up until now because it's Facebook who is deciding who will get which news.

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