#1 RE: DOW week of April 11 by PSP 13.04.2016 01:49

Armstrong was right about a neutral direction and the sideways action. I have been nimble and just focussed on a few small day trades once the direction was established. I am not holding overnight as the swings have been a little crazy. No direction really established at this point.

MA did say that even if we pushed a bit higher it wasn't sustainable last week.

#2 RE: DOW week of April 11 by Alex 13.04.2016 13:51

maybe next week there is more action and direction in the DOW since many reports are coming from the corporations.

#3 RE: DOW week of April 11 by PSP 13.04.2016 16:06

Well we gapped much higher this a.m.

MA did a post here is a chart reflecting some important numbers.

We seemed to stall near his weekly number of 17846. We will see if this holds for the close on Friday

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